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T here are numerous paths to the summit of Mt Fuji and the Fujinomiya trail is one of the most popular trails. It is the shortest trail to the summit at around 5 hours for the ascent, but is generally very rocky and steep. Compare the trails to the summit and challenge yourself with the Fujinomiya trail!

Mt. Fuji World Heritage Centre

Newly opened in December 2017, the Mt. Fuji World Heritage Centre in Fujinomiya, Shizuoka is a must see for anyone looking to visit Mt. Fuji. The centre aims to facilitate a deeper understanding of Mt. Fuji, to communicate its beauty and cultural significance to all visitors, and to help ensure that it continues to be protected and preserved for future generations. Learn about Mt Fuji, revel in the amazing views from within and around the centre and enjoy the interactive experiences within.
See Trip Advisor reviews here and the official site to learn more.

Mt. Fuji Sengen Taisha Shrine

Originally built over 2000 years ago for protection from volcanic eruptions, the shrine is a traditional starting point for climbing Mount Fuji. Today it has become the region’s most important shrine and the head shrine of over 1300 Sengen and Asama shrines nationwide. See more info at Japan-guide, read the official site or have the full cultural experience and join an ecotour. Afterwards, use the Fujinomiya Welcome Map to walk the town and chat with locals in the nearby shotengai (traditional shopping street), or check out the sake brewery Takasago and see how nihonshu is made from the abundance of fresh spring water flowing from Mt Fuji through the town.

Fujinomiya Festivals

Due to its proximity to Mt. Fuji Fujinomiya city has a long history of hosting a number of Festivals in the area. Today visitors are able to experience centuries old traditional festivities that celebrate the change of seasons, pay respects to Mount Fuji and reinforce a strong sense of community. Some of the most famous Fujinomiya Festivals include the Fujinishiki Sake Festival in March, Horseback Archery Festival in May, God Fire Festival in August and Autumn Harvest Festival in November.

More Activities in  Fujinomiya

There are too many activities and things to do in and around Fujinomiya to list them all here. From rafting and biking to flower and bird sanctuaries, Fujinomiya has something for everyone.

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