Getting here

Fujinomiya is between Tokyo and Kyoto

Fujinomiya is the closest city to the majestic Mount Fuji. Fujinomiya city is easily accessible from both Mishima and Shin-Fuji Station – just 70 min. from Tokyo station on the Tokaido Bullet train.

Getting to Fujinomiya City Shizuoka Japan

How do I get to Fujinomiya?

Access to Fujinomiya is easy. If you are traveling on a budget the Yakisoba Express bus direct from Tokyo Station is a great alternative to the Bullet train. 

The Fujinomiya area is also easily accessible by car or campervan – having a car opens up endless possibilities for exploring Fujinomiya and Mt. Fuji areas.

Travel Options

JR Rail Pass Guide Fujinomiya City Mt Fuji Shizuoka Japan

By Train

Shizuoka has 6 stops on the Tokaido Shinkansen (bullet train between Kyoto and Tokyo). The closest Bullet Train Station to Fujinomiya is Shin-Fuji – 70 minutes from Tokyo station. 

From Shin-Fuji Station the express bus is only 35 minutes or transfer to Fuji Station and catch the JR Minobu Line to Fujinomiya.

From Mishima Station catch the JR Tokaido Local commuter train to Fuji Station and change to the JR Minobu Line to Fujinomiya Station

By Bus

There is a direct bus, the Yakisoba express, that goes from
Tokyo station to Fujinomiya in just over two hours.

Other buses options include:
An airport bus from Narita airport to Shin Fuji Station. 
A local sightseeing bus  that stops at Mt Fuji Heritage Centre, Shiraito Waterfall and other attractions
A Mt Fuji Climbing Season bus
from Shizuoka, Shin-Fuji & Fujinomiya Station to Fujinomiya 5th station (mid-July to end of Aug)

By Plane

Mt. Fuji Shizuoka airport is just over 1 hour’s drive from Fujinomiya. There are direct domestic flights from Okinawa or Sapporo, while Kyushu has 5 daily flights. Fly in to this modern airport and see unrivalled aerial views of Mt. Fuji!

By Car

Experience the freedom of travelling Fujinomiya by car. Enjoy the highway from Tokyo and arrive in Fujinomiya in just over 2 hours, or take the shinkansen to Shin-Fuji station and rent a car from the station to explore more.

Explore Mt Fuji Taxi Tours

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Using the JR Rail Pass?

If you are traveling between Tokyo and Kyoto on a JR rail pass taking a day or two out of your schedule to visit Fujinomiya is a great way to experience life at the foot of Japan’s iconic Mt. Fuji.

From Tokyo

Tokyo-Mishima-Fuji-Fujinomiya (1h 46m)

Tokyo-ShinFuji-Fujinomiya (2h 26m)

Tokyo-Shizuoka-Fujinomiya (1h 40m)
(via FUJIKAWA express train)

From Nagoya

Nagoya-Shizuoka-Fuji-Fujinomiya (2h 35m)

Nagoya-Shizuoka-Fujinomiya (1h 46m)
(via FUJIKAWA express train)

The FUJIKAWA express train from Shizuoka station to Fujinomiya station DEPARTS once every two hours.

West Side Story Passport

Travel the west road along Mt. Fuji with the West Side Story Passport. Collect stamps along the way and learn stories about the mountain that still endure today.

Helpful Directions